1. Q. Can I edit my skill level?
    Yes, absolutely, based on your playing experience you can edit your skill levels to make match making more accurate. Also based on the player rankings in leagues, SLAN will automatically adjust the skill level.
  2. Q. Do leagues/tournaments carry any incentive?
    Opportunity, Competitiveness and the opportunity to upgrade skill levels are an inherent advantage of signing up with SLAN. Alongside, the leagues ensure the players can play at their time of choice and location of choice.
    While the above applies for Tournaments as well; the added advantage of Tournaments are the prizes and ability to play with city wide players.
  3. Q. What do I do if my opponent doesn’t turn up?
    When a player is a no show, the opponent is automatically considered a winner.
  4. Q. How many days does a league happen?
    A league typically happens over 8-12 weeks. However, SLAN has introduced shorter leagues spanning a month(4 weeks
  5. Q. In case of any dispute in the game, who will be the governing body?
    SLAN team is the ultimate governing body for any game issues.
  6. Q. Can I cancel my game in case I cannot attend it?
    A player can cancel his game due to unforeseen circumstances, however the opponent and venue must be informed atleast 12 hrs in advance.
  7. Q. Do I have to pay for the venue booking and other infrastructure separately?
    NO. Once you’ve paid the registration fee for the league/ tournament you choose to sign up for, SLAN takes care of all your expenses in the league,    from booking venues to providing refreshments.
  8. Q. What if I am not free in the time slot scheduled for my match?
    For leagues, SLAN offers you a choice between available time slots to avoid any clashes.
  9. Q. What if I want to organize a league just for my friends/co-workers?
    Please get in touch with SLAN here(Link to Contact Us) and you have our assurance that your request will be taken up.