Most people who are interested in sports are held back by constraints of time, scheduling, or simply the lack of motivation. This is the basis for the curated leagues that happen year round, which users can search for by filtering on the basis of sport, skill level and vicinity of the league. Once registered, the users are a part of an 8-10 week long league, completely scheduled and conducted by SLAN. To accomodate for the busy schedule of our users, SLAN gives them an opportunity to choose time slots from the ones offered in the app.

For our users who don’t have a fixed long term schedule, SLAN has shorter leagues, limited to a month, to give them a taste of the sport while maintaining the structured approach that we take towards sports, ensuring a regular workout.

By removing the organizational and logistical hassles out of the way, we make it incredibly easy for users to just focus on the sport, giving them an opportunity to improve their game against equally skilled opponents. The duration of the league also helps in making the sport a habit, rather than a single day workout on the weekend. In addition to this, the continuously updated leaderboards help the users compare themselves with the competition, as well as see the improvement in their game, which is the biggest motivator for any person.